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Knoxville Web Design - Built for Performance

Google Favors Mobile Performance

Experience web design that prioritizes mobile devices. Our process begins with mobile compatibility, followed by adaptations for tablets and desktops, guaranteeing a seamless user experience on all platforms.

By building the website with a mobile first mindset, we ensure the highest performance and page speed scores (by ensuring we are inline with Googles 'Core Vitals'), which help us to rank higher in Google's search algorithm. If you are curious about your current website, try it here. A website made by me will routinely score in the 95+ for speed, and often be 99 or 100%!!

Recent studies found that of all the people surveyed, half said they’d be willing to give up animation and video for faster load times. Furthermore, the highest conversion rates occur on pages with load times between 0-2 seconds. So, speed matters, sometimes even more than cute animations and a flashy video.

By compressing images, combined with intelligent use of script and lazy loading techniques, our websites will be optimized to load on a 4G network mobile device, which makes Google happy and gets you infront of more customers. Overtime, a faster website will help you to rank higher in the local search results.

What Makes Our Website Faster Than Others

  • By hand-coding, I don't have to rely on javascript to do things for me. Extra javascript slows pages down.
  • Intelligent image hosting, cropping and formatting. Focusing on page loading speed.
  • Not having bloated, extra code that creeps into wordpress or other template style web designs.
  • Ensuring the pages are ensitrely responsive. Not just formatted for a desk top and iphone, but any screen size in between.
Our Process

We’re Committed to Maintain Standard Work Process

Fox Two Digital Website Design


We define your goals and requirements, laying the groundwork for your unique website.

Fox Two Digital Website Design


We develop a comprehensive strategy to fine-tune your website's speed, and overall performance.

Fox Two Digital Website Design


Crafting a visual concept and website structure that aligns with your brand and objectives

Fox Two Digital Website Design


Transforming designs into a fully functional website, employing custom coding for optimum performance.

Fox Two Digital Website Design

Test & Launch

We launch your website and continue to provide ongoing support for your digital success.

Fox Two Digital Website Design
Fox Two Digital Website Design
Our Cheapest Option

Website In A Day

If a hand-coded website is out of your price range right now, we can use a templated website builder, such as Wix, WordPress or other builder, to make you a website in around 24 hours. Sometimes simple is the best option. The drag and drop website won't rank as high due to speed issues, but a hand-coded website can take 30+ hours of coding and over 10,000 lines of code.

We can make a logo, pick a color pallate and create a basic website for you in less than 24 hours. Then, over the next week, we can get more information to fill out pertinent information for your services. We can even get you a domain name and set that up for you, so you can go from nothing to online in less than a day.

This option is designed for those business who don't currently have an online presence at all. This can get you set up the quickest, so that you can have crediblity the fastest.

Our Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans for Your Tailored Needs

A pricing plan curated for your business. Choose flexibility, choose value, choose us for your web design and development project.

  • Website in a Day

    Basic, templated website to get you started fast

    $100/mo $2000
    Start Today What's included?
    • Fox Two Digital Website Design Basic Logo Creation
    • Fox Two Digital Website Design Quickest Turnaroud
    • Fox Two Digital Website Design All Fees Included
  • Large Website

    Large, custom coded websites available.

    $550/mo $9500+
    Start Today What's included?
    • Fox Two Digital Website Design Any Number of Pages
    • Fox Two Digital Website Design Location Specific Service Pages
    • Fox Two Digital Website Design Best Long-term Ranking for Keywords

Fox Two Digital
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