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Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

We specialize in helping small businesses get more customers through a systematic marketing campaign and hand-coded websites.

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Web Design Matters

What makes us unique in the development world is that we don't use WordPress, frameworks, or page builders. We meticulously write the code line by line. This gives us much more control over the design, and the website performs lightning-fast because there's no bloated or messy code that slows it down.

Websites built by hand will outperform most WordPress sites and drag-and-drop page builders which could cost thousands of dollars. When it comes to the web, the faster and more organized websites win. 60% of all internet traffic is on mobile devices, so we optimize your mobile to perform their best in search engines.

The first to make a decisive decision usually has the advantage, since being first is almost always best. Being first means everyone else is focused on orienting themselves to align with you, which allows you to drive the narrative the customer hears. Let us help you reach the customer before your competition.

Thomas Founder, Callsign "FIFA" Fox Two Digital Website Design
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Marketing Solutions for You

You are too busy running the day-to-day operation of your business, you don't have time to manage the full-time job of marketing it also. Let us handle the day-to-day marketing while you work through your increased client count.

We can manage your Google Business profile, run Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, optimize your social media presence, and ensure that your online presence is as professional as your in-store experience.

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Small Business Primer

This is a primer series detailing why you, as a local business, need more than just word-of-mouth referrals and a good reputation. We will show you how leveraging a marketing campaign directed at only the audiance that is local, or within driving distance to you, can be so incredibly powerful for your bottom line.

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See what our customers have had to say about working with us.

  • Breaking into a new location was harder than expected. I knew my staff and facilities were top notch and were one of the only in my area to use recurring X-rays to show clients the improvements that were being made. The problem was my target audience wasn’t getting the message. Fox Two Digital helped me re-vamp my website and run an ad campaign that increased our traffic by 75% in six months.

    Sean Pham Chiropractor
  • I wasn’t getting the local traffic I wanted after we opened our coffee shop. Our location was good and just expected customers to come, but that wasn’t happening. After working with Fox Two Digital, we were able to create a plan that brought in so many customers, that I had to hire additional staff after 6 months. It was easy, and Fox Two Digital kept me informed but handled their side so I could focus on actually running my coffee shop.

    James Rusaw Independent Coffee Shop

Fox Two Digital
Outmaneuvering the Competition

Customers in your area are looking for you, but can they find you? Let us show you how to reach them.

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